Linux booty baby !!

by justlovelinux on April 18, 2011

People, I must write here again emotional. Because I usually bursts of big booty. I now have quite a jugular vein as a meat sausage, when I read what some news sites write and Review. Take me not amiss – it’s just a blog. You remember the Dropbox discussion regarding unsafe and Co? Found food for all. I am now once and not on the gap itself, but on the tiresome debate Cloud and encryption.

The cloud – this is the place online. If you have had many years ago, is now only hip, smooth, shiny shine and everyone does it. Just because I’m Dropbox users, I do not defend the Dropbox, the issue you could also 1:1 for SugarSync, Wuala, Amazon Cloud space or what ever seen (and I have tested almost every cloud storage in the past). There is really only one simple rule to follow, right?big booty

1. If you have sensitive data that you ore deposit online, then Encrypt it further.

This is the only rule. If I do not want bad guys get access, then I put the stuff not online (you can encrypt and locally;)). End off, no discussion. And if I have been out of laziness reasons, sensitive information online somewhere, then I can encrypt but even, right? Then I use the encryption that I best clear. Whether you buy or open source software such as TrueCrypt uses: up to you. But encrypted. It does not matter that a provider says the data is encrypted online. The data are online.

Does anyone have username / password, the encryption utilized on the server – then an encryption help file. Or perhaps even the supplier of your Cloud spaces is compromised. You know it but do not know what all happened. Therefore: Encrypt.Who wants to pay absolutely: Knox for Mac, Windows BoxCryptor for – who likes it for free: Linux, Windows and Mac OS: TrueCrypt.big booties

I have this whole encryption membership fees not written in jest. So please: encrypted, encoded, encrypted. Also perhaps the disadvantage that it the cloud service may not be able to use the Web interface more. That should not be the price of uncertainty. Unencrypted data should only be stored with which you had no problem that they can see the whole world.

And now, excuse this post, I now have a little rub on the earlobe to come back down – I had read in the last two days of too much stuff unreflective. But the whole thing had me for something good, I am now even more sensitive to some data and have my “Encryption Level” screwed something higher.

Encryption may be an issue that is driven by hype like a pig through the village. The users must pass over us in flesh and blood. Power to the people no cloud services worm, recommends people to encrypt and secure handling of data. And if you have tips, always clean it in the comments: I’m not a rocket scientist to know everything – but only just bloggers and users

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